This page contains information about the Assessments on Making Life Easier and how we use them.

About Assessments on Making Life Easier

What is an assessment?

An assessment is a set of questions that is built around people’s needs. For instance, if you were looking for help, the questions asked would be similar to what an expert would ask to establish what would solve your problem. At the end of each assessment you are automatically linked to the activities, products or services that are suitable for you, which may be free depending on your council or local authority.

Assessment questionnaires can be completed at any time of the day or night - it's all done through this website.

How we know if a product or service is suitable for you

Making Life Easier is powered by ADL Smartcare who have spent over 16 years working with experts to provide professional experience that builds the assessments. This means that we are able to take all your specific answers and build a tailored result for you. If we think a product is suitable we ensure that the manufacturer's usage guidelines are taken into account.

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