On this page you will find Contact details for Making Life Easier. If you require additional help with your online self-help assessment for living independently, managing your finances or maintaining your mental health, all of the contact details you will need can be found on this page.

If you do decide to contact your local authority, please ensure that the contact details you provide are up-to-date and accurate.

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Contact your Council for help with your needs

Appointment Enquiries

If you have an enquiry regarding a MLE clinic appointment please contact MLEclinic@northlan.gov.uk or call 01698 274460

Assessment help


If you have any questions or need further assistance with your online assessments or you require information about supports provided by Health & Social Care Services in North Lanarkshire, please contact makinglifeeasier@northlan.gov.uk

Contact our team for Help with access to equipment:

Telephone: 01698 274460

Email: makinglifeeasier@northlan.gov.uk

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Share your health care experiences

If you've experienced health care recently, either as a patient yourself or as a carer or friend of someone else, please tell us how it was. What was good? What could have been better?

Your story will be handled confidentially by the non-profit service Care Opinion. Your story may appear (without your name) on their website. Care Opinion asks the health service to respond to the feedback you share, but does not reveal your identity.

This service is independent of Making Life Easier and the NHS. For more information about Care Opinion and how your story is handled, visit www.careopinion.org.uk.

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