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Assistive Technology Flat Demonstration Video

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Assistive Technology Testimonial

Video Transcript

This is my story of using assistive tech.

Set an alarms with Alexa to help me wake up in the morning and then if I wake up in the middle of the night I can ask Alexa what time it is. I can also set timers for when breakfast is getting made, dinner, or when my taxi is arriving to go to school.

Alexa can help you time how long you're in the bath for, or how long you have to take brushing their teeth.

When you're getting ready in the morning, you can ask Alexa. So what is the weather gonna be like today or tomorrow or the entire week so I know what clothes to wear.

Alexa can also help you. When you ever ask Alexa. Interesting facts,, she will tell you. And sometimes she will say I don't know it.

Alexa can also help you cook because she can search up recipes and set timers for how long they're in the oven.

Alexa can also help you wash your hands by setting a timer for 2 minutes.

I'm also anxious about people when they're walking through the door. Alexa can help me see, thanks to the ring doorbell.

What's going on outside and who's there? I can see it on the screen of the Alexa show.

Or see it on the Alexa when it's connected to your phone. You can also get notifications on your phone. Whenever someone rings the door.

To be independent and house by myself, I had to put measures in place so if a fire ever goes, I know what to do.

Or if someone breaks in.

If your fire alarm goes off, I go down the stairs and I.

Go to the ring doorbell, press it and stand on a wee slab so mom can see me.

And she can speak to me through it to keep me calm and.

To ask what? What's going on?

It can help you listen to music, or listen in to the radio, or even tell you about news that's happened over the day or even the past few months.

Also tell you what TV shows might be on if it's connected to the telly.

Alexa can help you switch off your TV and your parents can switch off. You can also dim your lights if you have the Alexa light bulb.

Alexa, I can help you phone your friends or family members. If I get a phone call, I can reject it or answer the phone.

Alexa can also turn down or up its sound.

She can also help you set.

A calendar for each month if you've got a someone's birthday party, your birthday, family's birthday.

The things I ask Alexa is when stuff is getting released, like a new game, new console, or even when a new update is due on a game that I'm quite interested in.

Or I could choose Alexa just to name all the Pokémon, all dinosaurs, or even all extinct animals, and how to spell their names whenever I'm trying to draw them.

The Alexa can be used for all these things if you have the right tools.

Or equipment. They can all be connected into the one Alexa.

The Alexa Mini or the Alexa show?

And if I stay with another family member, I can take the Alexa with me and that can help me and keep my routines.

Alexa has changed my life. How? Nowadays I don't need that much routine in that thanks to me knowing it by heart when I was younger I needed it the most though.

So I recommend the Alexa do every parent who has a child that needs a bit of help.

And thank you for listening to my story.

[End of video transcript]
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